The development is to be centered around a beautiful, tranquil pond for swimming and relaxing. The pond will also have a secluded beach area. This scenic community will have trees lining the roads. Sidewalks will also be along the roads, pond and beach area for leisure walking.

Core Values




Integrity is the glue that binds our hearts and commits spirits to this vision.




We believe in serving our brothers and sisters who volunteered their lives for the greater good.




To help other military veterans find gainful employment and convert their service to other to service the community.




We are be focused on renewable resources such as wind turbine, solar, greenhouses, and also a new waste repurposing solutions.

About us

Band of Brothers Homes for Heroes came together as a result of a growing need we are facing here in America. Disabled Veterans who find themselves unable to provide for themselves or their families due to the injuries sustained while defending …
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